a pen and a smile

I have lost my pen.

And I have lost my smile.


I don’t know which I lost first.

Perhaps one day I was shuffling papers,

And my pen slipped behind the desk to

Collect dust and dirt the way the best

Nooks and crannies do.


Or perhaps, as my makeup began staying

In its pretty little containers, my hair began

Preferring itself in a messy knot, my smile

Decided to tap out and conveniently forgot

To say goodbye, and the next day I also

Lost my pen, which is a really shitty two days,

To be honest.


Although as my eyes stubbornly refuse to

Close at night, perhaps in their misery of

Their lost friend, and my journal

Remains blank, also mourning a loss, I wonder

If missing my smile and missing my pen is

Not a shitty coincidence, but a cause and effect.



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