2019 goals


Over the last few years, my best friend Sam and I have made the time to review our New Year’s goals with one another. It’s always good to have that one friend that checks on you, wants to hear your goals, and sees if you are sticking to them. I try to do the same for him. Sam pushes me to be motivated year round though, not just on January 1st. I actually already have an existing ‘6 month plan’ that is up in April. I figure if I want to achieve my year goals, I also have to break those goals down into reasonable actionable steps with shorter time frames in order to succeed in the long term.

So two nights ago I decided to write up my 2019 list for myself, and to send to Sam, and I decided to hold myself accountable further by posting them onto my blog. FYI, they are also color-coded in sharpie marker and posted on my bulletin board so I can see them every morning. Seeing my goals written out helps me refocus because I’m a pretty emotional Taurusy empath, and being able to see my goals every morning brings me out of the emotional fog I always seem to be in.

And here we go – my 2019 goals.

  • 2 – 3 tattoos (Sam pointed out this is a want, not a goal, but I want to give myself this since I always find excuses for not going ahead with them – usually monetary excuses). My tattoos have always been an important part of who I am, and my creative expression.
  • Increase savings by $2-3k
  • Start my 401K
  • Gym 3-4 times a week. Yoga, lifting, running.
  • Travel to 2-3 destinations (Toronto, Tampa, London, Cali, Caribbean) or forego the trips and save enough money to move out of state by April 2020.
  • Blog monthly (learn to write for myself)
  • Eat clean (only 1-2 cheat days a month, girl)
  • Learn to say no & do what I truly want
  • Read 35-40 books (totally doable – read 35 in 2018)
  • Take LSATs and GREs
  • Work on all 4 pillars (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual)

And most importantly, live as if I am already the person I aspire to be. Call her into my being. I am already her. She is already me. We are a goddess. Embrace the inner peace and power that comes with it.

Here we go 2019.

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