to my mother

There’s a reason I chose the word ‘always.’ It encompasses every aspect of motherhood you have provided us—promises you made and stood by. You will always be there, you will always love us, you will always fight for us, we will always be your little girls, we are always connected. Promises to provide, to encourage, to discipline when we needed to be reminded of what is right and what is wrong. In a world of so many broken promises, you have taught us that there are people who will love you fiercely and that love is stronger than any other force on this earth. You have taught us that there will always be more good people than bad, that things will always get better, that even in the darkness light will always find a way to shine through.

The word ‘always’ also represents, to me, the connect you, Katie and I have. I believe we have always been connected. Before this life, and therefore after, too. We have been together for many millennia and will continue to do so in whatever lives we occupy next. ‘Always’ represents the sacred connection the three of us have, because I truly believe there is no other word more appropriate, that can even come close to explaining our magical bond, than the word sacred. Our sacred connection makes the three of us one. Always.

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