give yourself what you need – & be unapologetic about it

In 2019, I made my biggest resolution to give myself what I need and be unapologetic about it. As I write this, it is February 25th, and this is the end of the first long weekend I took off work solely for my own mental health and recharge.

Yes, that’s right. I took 2 days off of work just for my mental health. In advance.

I am trying to listen to my body and emotions more. Can I hear myself starting to burn out? Is this stress and strain taking a toll on my physical well-being as well as my mental well-being? What can I do to take a break and recharge?

In the past, I’ve worked myself so hard at work, with school, with family or friends, to the point where I would find myself sobbing one day and calling in sick, and then feeling guilty for doing so, although that sick day was definitely needed after a breakdown. But I don’t want to even get to that point anymore. I want to enjoy my time off for my mental health, really recharge, and not feel guilty about it. Hence, a week in advance, when I felt my stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration bubbling up, as well as feeling like I was trapped in a vortex of the same days over and over again, I decided the following weekend would be a nice 4-day weekend with absolutely no plans.

No trips with family. No special plans with friends. No vacation. Not even for a doctor’s appointment, unless I genuinely wanted to go to one. Just a 4-day weekend to do what I normally do – grocery shop, clean, hang out with friends and family, binge watch Netflix with my cat, and work-out. Order sushi. Let myself go buy yummy new candles and coffee.

Now that it is Monday, and I go back to work Tuesday, I feel better. A 2-day weekend just wasn’t enough time for me to really become a hermit and fuel my soul. I’m very glad I did this and plan to do so more in the future if I need it.

And I totally recommend it to anyone out there – be unapologetic about giving yourself what you need.

It was hard for me to justify taking these days at first. I was like, well, I have my best friend in Long Island I can go visit who has been asking, I could go upstate with my dad’s family like he’s been asking, I could book a flight and spend the weekend in Tampa (even though my wallet was eyeing me like, bitch please, not right now). I could book routine appointments and jam pack my days with back-to-back dentist and doctor appointments.

Or, I could just be.

I decided to just be. And I feel more centered and rested than ever at the end of this 4-day weekend of just being with myself and doing what I want and need.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself what you need.

Be completely unapologetic for doing so.

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