snowy evening thoughts

Sunday night, post-yummy dinner, Legally Blonde on, face mask, final email back to a freelance client.

I am grateful for nights like these.

I live in Jersey, and it’s 33 degrees and snowing. I love watching heavy snowfalls. My grandfather was born in a snowstorm, and passed away during a hurricane. He came into this world in a whirl and left with a bang. It’s fitting. His personality transcended him.

I wish to embody some of his greatness, and I believe inner power is best tapped into through meditation. I went for about three months of meditating almost nightly before bed, and I felt stronger. It’s amazing what the mind can do. People were unable to get under my skin, because no matter what the issue was, I felt fully present and solid. I appreciated things more and time seemed to slow down, as if I was processing things on a deeper level. I really believe in it.

But I haven’t meditated in months. I feel numb and like I’m running through the days checking off things on my to-do list, counting the hours I’m dedicating towards studying, or working better, or counting down the minutes until it’s the weekend again. I don’t want to feel that way.

Heavy snowfalls like tonight remind me of my childhood, and my mother letting my sister and I play out in the deep snowbanks in the dark with the huge backyard light on for us. The world seems more magical when it snows during the night–the white fluffy mounds would seem blueish in the shadows as we dug tunnels and built snowmen.

Meditation gets you back to those memories, those moments, and evokes those feelings again–feelings of inner peace, of tapping into your power and greatness where you are truly lit from within.

These feelings live within us permanently. All we need to do is call upon them. And appreciate the beauty of winter snowstorms.

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