finding the balance

Life is all about finding the balance and trusting the flow. That’s what I’ve learned so far this year. My life is much more peaceful and less stressful when I think to myself: wish it well and let it be. Because I know I will always end up where I’m supposed to. I always have so far, haven’t I?

Nothing that is for me will ever miss me. Even the things I do not have control over, like the final decision of an interview process with a potential new job, someone’s reaction or thoughts of me as we’re in the “getting to know you stage,” or what the next year of my life will look like – those things will all come to be as time progresses. I must speak and breathe love into my life and know that whatever presents itself is the next lesson or mission I’m supposed to go through in this marathon called life.

This mindset helps lower my stress levels and gives me a sense of inner peace. Meditation helps reinforce this mindset and these feelings as well. My next aim is to start implementing daily meditation into my life, but so far I’ve been settling for a good once or twice a week. Balance. Balance. Balance.

I make sure to trust the flow and embrace balance in my new health journey as well. I’ve officially been dedicated to going to the gym 3 times a week for a solid 4 months. My eating is overall healthier, but I still let myself cheat now and then. I had a super small portion of my favorite ice cream tonight because it’s Sunday, and because I don’t usually do that during the week. By eating predominately healthy and allowing myself treats, this balance has held me steadfast towards my goals and manifesting the healthy lifestyle. I feel better physically and mentally.

Trust the process. Trust the balance. Trust the universe. Trust yourself. Live.

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