the art of grounding yourself

Life is a whirlwind of chaos, plans, commitments, and endless to-do lists. Back to back to back. We put our heads down, get to the grind, and when we look up again, it’s suddenly three weeks later and we wonder where the time even went. That is one of the scariest things for me, because I always want to truly live in the moment. I want to feel each moment, no matter how small, and remember I’m alive. But that is easier said than done, especially when we get swept away in life.

In order to combat getting swept away in the steady stream of life, you must ground yourself.

On Sundays (a day I try to dedicate entirely to grounding myself), I make sure my space is clean, I meditate, I light sage, I play jazz music or listen along to affirmations on YouTube by inspirational influencers I admire, I try to write, I read (reading is one of the strongest sources of grounding for me personally), I cook something yummy and healthy for myself, I do some face masks, and I try to workout. I like being alone on these days, recharging my energy, thanking God/the Higher Power for my ability to breathe, for my privilege at having relaxing days like this, and for allowing me to see another morning.

Regardless of the actions you find that work for yourself to ground – such as reading, music, working out, etc., key aspects of grounding yourself that you can implement into any universal routine involve the following:

  • Gratitude – I try to say thank you to the Higher Power for everything. Thank you for this glass of clean water, thank you for my ability to hear this music, thank you for my sense of smell so I can be relaxed by this lavender candle, thank you for this sunlight, thank you for my ability to walk and feel the cool hardwood floors beneath my feet. You become aware of your surroundings and the little things you take for granted each day present themselves as little gifts, and everything else falls to the wayside.
  • Focus on your senses – this is something I learned in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) a few years ago. Lots of practices from CBT are great for grounding because it is about retraining your brain for a more positive, realistic, and healthy living. The other day I was in the shower (I really love showers) and I was overwhelmed by thinking about work the next day. I realized the unnecessary stress I was putting on myself and how I was taking away the joy of a moment I look forward to daily – my hot, end-of-the-day shower. So I shook my head, and to quiet my thoughts and ground myself, I began focusing on what my senses were taking in. I felt the hot water permeating my skin; I inhaled the deep scent of my lavender body soap; I watched the light catch the hot water flowing through the showerhead; I heard the reassuring sound of rushing water as it cascaded over my body and the tiles. And suddenly, I was fully present.
  • Meditation – I highly, highly recommend meditation. I am not going to go into it fully here, I may save it for another blog post (or vlog), but meditation grounds me so powerfully. Meditation enables you to consciously walk with your soul and see the Higher Power, connecting us back to the Bigger Energy that gives us life. And what better way to ground yourself than by going home within?

Grounding yourself is connecting to your inner power. It is so necessary for our health. Ground yourself – love yourself. You deserve it.

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